NORBIC is a regional economic development organization that promotes job growth through professional and technical services to small businesses with a specific focus on manufacturing. Founded in 1975, Chicago-based NORBIC works to revitalize Northeast Illinois’ manufacturing base and retain and create new jobs. This is accomplished by proactively identifying clients through partnerships with local governments, trade associations, regional economic development organizations, chambers of commerce and local workforce organizations. Working with the Alliance for Industry & Manufacturing (AIM), NORBIC uses AIM’s proprietary business assessment tool to evaluate client needs and leverage its own programs as well as referring companies to its public and private partners. NORBIC is currently serving over 2,100 clients, 60% are manufacturers and 40%are small businesses. *NORBIC operates as a 501c (3) organization and is funded in significant part by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), the USDOL, the Defense Logistics Agency (Department of Defense), the City of Chicago and DuPage County. NORBIC has a 75% cash match requirement for the business development centers which is made through non-federal funding as well as income generated through economic development activities and donations from private foundations and corporate this should appear as italicized on the page and a little smaller than the rest of the textsponsors.