Your One Stop Resource for Growing Your Illinois business

How We Work

Our Alliance Business Assessment Program helps us to identify key areas in which to grow our members businesses. This 3-step program will assess, identify and implement targeted strategies to renew and grow your business. Whether you’re looking to grow, expand globally or develop your workforce, the Alliance can help. Read more to learn more about bad credit cash loans and other financial support required for this unique assessment process.

How We’re Different

Our proprietary Alliance Business Assessment Program™ is available to help members access government supported programs and resources to help them grow and thrive. With your AIM membership, you have access to a vetted portfolio of partners, education, networking and government and business resources that will help drive your business forward. Read on to learn more and join us now.

Events & Workshops

The Alliance for Industry and Manufacturing hosts a variety of events and workshops that allow you to network, expand your knowledge, develop your workforce, learn about and celebrate Innovation in other Illinois businesses and much more. Whether attending an Alliance awards dinner, or a smaller workshop, we’ve got you covered. Read more about upcoming events.

Workforce Development

In order to stay nimble and strong in this economy, companies must stay on top of employment regulations, FLSA rule changes, and make sure they have a strong workforce that has appropriate training. The Alliance for Industry and Manufacturing offers programs that can help, including workshops and recruitment and training resources to keep your workforce strong. Read more about these resources here.