Alliance Raves

  • "Chicago has always been an industrial city and we have continually worked to remain a leading innovator in the global marketplace. We enjoy the most diverse and centrally located transportation system in the country to move products to market in the U.S. and around the world.
    The Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing / NORBID works tirelessly to support and promote the products of Illinois manufacturing."

    Richard M. Daley, Former Mayor of Chicago, Illinois
  • "The Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing is the “Hub” of technical support for small and mid-sized companies."

    Burt Klein, President of Portion Pac
  • "The Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing is the best kept secret and all small businesses should be working with them."

    Walter Lisowski, President of Midwest Screw Products
  • "This exciting upgrade to our facility is due to the Alliance for Illinois Manufacturings guidance and assistance – bringing financial agencies, ideas and contacts to us—along the way!"

    Valerie O’Donnell, CEO of Progressive Industries, Inc.
  • "Too many businesses don’t know how to grow, but they want to. Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing brings the "know how""

    John Blumenshine, Vice President of Facilities for S&C Electric Company
Read on to learn more about how members have used the Alliance to solve a problem or strengthen their businesses: “Once we got forms from the Alliance, supplying them with the information they needed to include us in their grant application was straightforward.” ~~Dennis Gilhooley, Vice President, Bryco Machine, Inc. LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW BRYCO WAS ABLE TO TRANSFORM THEIR COMPANY’S CULTURE
“The Alliance has been indispensible in exploring the possibility of state funding and tax breaks. I’ve have no idea where to start with that on my own” ~~Olaf Klutke, President, GKI LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW THE ALLIANCE HELPED GKI SECURE GRANTS
“The Alliance’s needs assessment was the start of an attitude shift in terms of future competiveness” ~~Mary Howe, President, Howe Corporation LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ALLIANCE HELPED HOWE CORP. WITH STRATEGIC ENTRY INTO NEW MARKETS